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Four Piece Heavy Equipment Operator Certificate.


Ground Disturbance Ticket.


Class 3 With Air ( Ab. & International.)


Drivers License.


Thousands of hours of Heavy Equipment Operation.




8 years of experience with Heavy Equipment.


Former Canadian Armed Forces MCPL.


With 3 overseas Missions.

Enlisted at age 17

Born in 1963 and raised on the farm in Rural Manitoba Canada.


I am Acutely interested in both,

Mining & Infrastructure Construction


and have been Steadily improving apon my Skills and Experience

so that I may Serve in the performance of my Duties to the Highest possible Standards. 

I can be Trained to operate any heavy equipment that I am not already familiar with in a very short time.

 I am willing to relocate anywhere in the world


and have a 30 ft. trailer to travel site to site within North America.

I can be anywhere in Canada with 3 days notice.

Always packed and ready to deploy at a moments notice.

 If you are tired of hiring people who are; 

slow, low energy, unskilled, drug filled, inconciderate 

and unappreciative.


You could consider someone who is an;

Energetic, Goal Oriented, Self Motivated Team Player.

Who pays Attention to Detail and Safety Requirements

is Able to Complete tasks in a Timely manner is drug free,

is career minded





to work.





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Dear Human Resources Officer:

I am Pleased to have the opportunity to apply for the job of,

Heavy Equipment Operator.

I am very interested in the opportunity, and I am excited at the possibility of working in your area.

My qualifications very closely meet your requirements.

You will find on my Resume that I have worked very hard at building my Experience and Qualifications for several years in the Road construction industry.

 I have completed a four piece Heavy Equipment Course and I also have a current Ground Disturbance Ticket, RSTS, H2s, Dangerous goods.

I can take any other courses you may require that I have, and can be just as adept at operating anything that I haven’t already, with just a few hours at the stick.

I would be pleased to review my qualifications in greater detail during an interview with you.You can be assured that if you hire me I will work every minute of every day to repay you for your foresight.

In the meantime if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email me.